I know there are more nerdfighters in Montana than just me. Where are we all? I am in Philipsburg.

And am I the only one who resents Hannah Montana for making all my Google searches about Montana useless unless I include "-Hannah" in them?

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I was born and raised in Hardin, but now I live in Illinois. I miss Montana like crazy (and the low humidity :P)!

ugh! Hannah Montana!! *considers pushing her off nearby cliff*


I was born and raised in Billings.  I'm going to school in ND right now but I go home often and plan to stay in MT.

I am in the Bitterroot Valley, and have lived in the valley since I was four.
nah we live in bum f*** egypt. lol
I'm currently living in Miles City. I've spent a sizable chunk of my life in Montana. I used to live in Plentywood and before that, Roundup.
I live in Helena but I go to school over in MN - darn mid-westerners! They just don't know the awesomeness of the west!

Helena, MT

Sorry.  I should probably use this account more.  We have a nice little community of 20 or so nerds.  We play video games, nerd-out, program, watch anime, chat etc. 

I was only out of the country for a few years... but when I got back to the States, what did I find?!  (o_0;)

"What the heck is a "Hannah Montana?!"

I am from Buttroit (Butte), btw.

I'm in Bozeman going to MSU right now


Billings, born and raised. Missoula for school in a couple months (if I don't run into Hank I will be upset).

I'm in Bozeman!


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