Ok, I personally believe in the Big Bang and Evolution because Science has proven such, and I wish to be an Astrophysicist or Cosmologist one day. But, I've asked the missionaries, my parents, and just a few from our church. The answers given only helped me out some, but I am still somewhat confused. What is the Church's (and your) opinions on these subjects?

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I don't think the church has an official stand. I believe... I think it's called Intelligent Design. I don't see why science and God have to be mutually exclusive. I believe that the big bang happened because God caused it to.
Yes, I agree.

I also believe that God says why he created and Science says how.
Hi, I am a student at BYU-Idaho and have been in the foundations of science class. Throughout the class, there has been much discussion on both topics of the big bang and evolution. The Church does not specifically endorse any idea as set to be accepted as truth. That allows each of us to develop our own understanding.

It is explained, like you said Elijah, that Religion tells us why God does what he does and Science explains how. However, science is not an exact and therefor will not always provide certain truths. But, it at least gives a pretty good understanding.

I, personally, believe that both the Big Bang and Evolution are tools that god used to bring forth what he needed. The big bang is started and organized by God, and Evolution, the process of setting up the best conditions for us to live, learn, and grow.
Thank-you so much for that. I especially like what you said " is not exact and therefor will not always provide certian truths. But, it at least gives a pretty good understanding.". That remeinds me of a quote I once heard "If we fully understood everything, that would be a work of man, not a work of God" or something like that.
hey there is a talk written by the first presidency in 1909 and re published in 2002 called the origin of man. i'll like it if i can there ya go. read and be enlightened. Doctrine on evolution
I love how Stephen Hawking put it here:

"I am not religious in the normal sense. I believe the universe is governed by the laws of science. The laws may have been decreed by God, but God does not intervend to break the laws."

watching the clip reveals his wonderful warm sense of humor. "I hope there is intelligent life in space, there is not much evidence of it on earth."

I pesonally believe in the Big Bang and Evolution, but neither are proven.  Science proves nothing, it doesn't have the capacity.  I just thought you should know. :)

Our belief in God comes from the Hebrew prophets, and His word throughout all the ages. Our belief in Natural Laws comes from the Greek philosopher Thales, who first started looking for the fundamental essence of reality. It was later decided that such truth needed to be eternal, unembodied, unchanging, perfect, and atemporal. Such a belief is now part of the Nicene Creed, and our conception of the Laws of Nature. 


Where you put your faith is your choice.

I think that the idea is that, as far as our understanding of science is at the moment, we believe that evolution and the big bang (which are theories in the same way gravity is a theory) are the best of the current models for how things are the way they are. 

why can't god have created his abundance of worlds using such a method.

also we have no way of knowing how heaven's days are counted, so to an extent, many scientific theories can have truth (how long the earth has exsited, evolution, ect) nothing says that the two can't co-exist. faith allows us to live with purpose, and science allowes us to explore the purpose of our lives.

No conflict with the idea. Matter has to come from somewhere! I think it makes sense. I love science.

Also, evolution can be clearly demonstrated within a few generations of a species, so I really don't see how there's still a debate about this. 


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