What are your top two favorite songs on each MCR album and why? :3

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Bullets- 1. Demolition Lovers- I adore how amazingly gorgeous this song is.

2. Skylines and Turnstiles- What the song stands for


Revenge- 1. Jetset Life- Extremely personally

2. Deathwish- I love the lyrics


Parade- 1. Disenchanted- just the composition. GAH, AMAZING!

2. Famous Last Words- So Powerful


Danger Days- 1. Save Yourself- Very Personal, I listen to it every time I'm upset

2. DESTROYA- Amazing.

I love ALL songs by MCR!!! MCR is a band of GODS to me!! Especially Gee and Frankie!!!!!

The only hope for me is you and save yourself i'll hold them back <3 Both of these remind me of one of my bestest friends who is also my bf. Though Im not okay is also one i love since it got me interested in mcr. :P 


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