Egyptian, Greco-Roman, Norse, ect.?


I've liked Greek mythology all my life, and recently have been getting into Judeo-Christian.

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i am a greek mythology girl but i have been known to read a little Egyptain and Norse


i love egyptian too, though. i'm still learning about norse, but its going... very slowly because i just don't have the free time that i used to.

I like Greek and Norse mythology, but I also really like Egyptian mythology. It's so hard to pick.

Greek mythology is undoubtedly my favorite!

I'm actually really interested in Norse myth/religion. Not because of how popular the myths about their gods have become lately but just because there is so much we don't know about it! Plus, Fenrir rocks. (Oh, and I'm a Greek major so I love that, but I'm also really interested in different religions and how they relate to each other)

i think the norse religion is a bit odd, but very interesting.

Oh, I'm interested in so many mythologies and cultures that I can't choose a fave! I just love them all. But if I had to say which ones I spent the most time researching and reading, it would have to be Greek and Norse mythologies.

I love Greek and Roman mythology but I prefer Greek, purely because it came first.

I like Norse and Egyptian. I appreciate Greek/Roman but the Norse myths have Loki and Egyptian gods have the confused relationships

What's so cool about a guy that gets spit on by a serpent for eternity for treachery?

Because he starts off with a plan that should work, then he gets cocky and it ends up in tatters. He is pretty much hated by the god's, but he still ends up solving their problems with his favorite of two solutions "Fixes the problem" or "Fixes the problem and makes everyone else look like an idiot" (see the steeling of Thor's hammer)

He isn't spat on for eternity either, just until Ragnarök - where he helps end the world and kill the gods

Greek is my personal favorite, but I want to learn more in other culture's mythology


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