Egyptian, Greco-Roman, Norse, ect.?


I've liked Greek mythology all my life, and recently have been getting into Judeo-Christian.

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I love Norse mythology. Even Greek mythology is interesting, but it doesn't have Odin and Loki :)

Norse. I've never seen a more depressing mythology. But it's parables of bravery and resistance in the face of failure are the most inspiring :p I think Greek is very good too.

The Norse creation myth is both disturbing and the poster for recycling.

I'm yet to find a mythology that I don't find interesting.  I also find it interesting that there seems to be patterns between the ideas, stories, and in particular the connection to astronomy.  It's almost like they're all different versions of what is effectively the same thing.

At present I'm getting into Australian mythologies.  It's quite interesting, I particularly like the idea that there are multiple concepts of time; that is to say that there's the moment to moment experience, but in the overall reality that's not necessarily how it works, and people can go between the two concepts.

i know very little about the Dream Time, but what i've read is very interesting.

It is :)   I also know very little....hopefully that will change.

Odiously Egyptian mythology they have a dwarf called bes witch was god of good things and bees.



But why?

I must say I started with Egyptian, but I still prefer Greek

At the moment, my favorite is Norse mythology. Although Greek mythology is fun too.


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