Some people don't want to talk about their plots till they're finished writing. Other people just have to rant about them. Anyone have any plots to rant about?

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I'm definitely the ranty type, but only talking, really. Typing is just, to me, like outlining, and I've done a lot of that already. But if I get on Skype with someone I can talk at them for about an hour straight, save the conversation, and then go and practically transcribe it. :D However, if I really need an Idea Wall (someone to listen, nod, and ask the occasional question) typing isn't too bad.

But basically my plot is about six teenagers living in a dilapidated building on the edge of some huge city (haven't decided but because I've been there and love it, it'll probably be Seattle) when one day, this douche bag in office wants to get it torn down because it (and others but this is the only one they can really pin) is a mar on the face of the beautiful city, and these kids (ages 14-20) need to be put in homes, schools, or jobs. They try to fight it but they have to do things like get jobs they hate to support themselves now, and it's almost like, to save the way of life they love they have to live the life they've always been against? I'm not sure what's going on in the end yet, but that's sort of the general message of my story; Don't live a life you hate because someone else says you have to. Or something like that.
I'm liking the mood, Ashley. :3 Sounds like you have some good stuff to work with. If you ever do get in the "type-ranting" mood, you know where to come. ^_^
How about you, Rachelle? Any plot yet, or are you a whinger?
I actually know of a house like this in Georgetown (in south seattle, it's more of an industrial area), everbody calls it the Punk House. None of them really work, but they make cool art and music. They have small shows in the basement, they grow food in the backyard, and throw pretty fun parties. There was another one called the Dollhouse, but that has more of an old crappy apt building and it did get closed up a couple years ago. Several cool local bands came out of the Dollhouse days. I like your idea quite a bit, I hope the writing goes well.
I have a rant...just a little one.
I know that I want to write a serious/not-romantic YA. I kind of know what I want my character to be dealing with. I have no clue who this character is though. I'll probably end up writing some kind of crack fic just so I can say I "won."
Don't you think, bluebonnet, that part of this exercise is to just write -- whatever? Maybe by the end of it you'll know your character, so he or she can become real in revising? At least that's what I'm going to do. I can't get all those words on a page if I think about it a lot. (I hope it works!)
My story is going to be based on the many Irish myths, legends and magical creatures, it's for my Goddaughter who is 7 and her sister who is 11. They always love it when I tell them some of our legends, like Tir Na nÓg - so I thought it would be awesome to do a story about them involved in the magical world, dealing with pooka's, Beanshee's, Leprechauns, magical lands and ancient myths. I'm hoping I can pull it off.
I think that sounds wonderful!
I never plan my novel before Nov 1. EVER.

But, almost everything I write is either fantasy or Steampunk. And the fantasy is usually set this one specific world I made up five years ago, which would make NaNo a heckuvalot easier.
STEAMPUNK FOR THE WIN. I'd love to read that xD

My plot is pretty sci-fi. It's about Pikchur (who comes from a long line of perfectionists) from the planet of Posulandeth. His friend, Flomersox, who's on Earth (in the shape of a dog) to study humans for a book writes to him about bookcrossing and Pikchur thinks it's awesome idea. So he writes a book and makes 19 copies of it, and makes his friends take them with them on their journeys as they go out to different planets. In the book is instructions to go to a website and write down where you found it and where you will leave it next (so other people can pick it up.) His friend (girl), Frawsie comes back with the book and asks him if he's noticed that there's a typo on page 78. He freaks out. He, Frawsie, Flomersox and two humans (a 17-year old named Frank, an author with writer's block named Theresa but called Terry) goes out on a bookhunt across the universe to correct the typo.

Yeah, that's it, pretty much. It does however also include professor Khrubbschlarvs Hhmp from Sreteckplut who, mentally scarred by the wart on his left cheek and his frightfully common name, decides to go on his own adventure to search for a purple pineapple.
That sounds awesome. XD
Good :) I'm a bit worried though. It's going slow. And I don't have a laptop. *starts freaking*


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