I know that it's only day four,  but I feel overwhelmed. I need someone to challenge me and keep me accountable. It would be soooooo easy to make excuses since I'm in school and stuff, but I want to finish! I want to win! I just need some help in the form of a cyber-bot-dragon controlled by a mad wizard from the distant post-apocalyptic future who will incinerate my town if fingers stop typing out this nonsense that I intend to call a novel December 1st.

Oh, and my story is totally sci-fi. There are no dragons or wizards in my story -I just think that they would be great motivators. Pirates would also be great motivators, but I'm not sure that I speak pirate?

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I am probably a bad writing buddy at this point, as I only have Internet access in 1-4 hour periods during the day at Starbucks for the forseeable future due to intermittent blackouts and an ineffective carrier (Comcast.) So... sorry about that. But if I ever get my Internet back, I'll tell you!
Thanks David, I hope that your internet issues resolve themselves. Where are  you that you're suffering from blackouts?

Came back on literally minutes ago! It's in Connecticut, where a freak storm wiped out pretty much everything for the second time in the past couple months, and our supplier, Connecticut Light and Power was totally inefficient. Then our Internet provider, Comcast, was even worse. But we got off lucky, as towns around us had from 50-90% powerless.


So yeah, I'm okay in terms of Internet, but really need to catch up in my word count (more due to laziness than blackout)

I'm glad that you're back from the black out. I hope that you're power stays on especially if there snow and icy winds right outside your front door. What's your word count? And what's your story about?
It's actually really funny, but it's warmed up a LOT over the past couple days. It's relatively warm outside, and there's still little piles of dirty snow here and there.

I am writing right now, and my Word Count is 5,359. I am very behind due to school/other issues, but hope to catch up this week with efficient use of time and additionally this weekend.

I am writing a semi-dystopian science fiction about a reporter looking to uncover the history of the "Great Divide," which is basically this big gap between the lives of the lower class (people on the ground) and Upper class (people in these big skyscrapers) in his city. The disparity has grown so much they have developed into basically two separate cities, the Upper and Lower City, with a scaffolding of corrupt, inefficient bureaucracy established to deal with the Lower City's many problems. just to deal with It is mainly character-driven, and a large part of it is a reference to the book The Wizard of Oz (characters will mostly be homages to Oz characters). I am having a bit of trouble because I want to make this grand, elaborate conspiracy at the end (I <3 conspiracies), but am not sure how to work it out, simply because there are so many shady organizations in my book (one unified drug cartel, street gangs, corruption in the Lower/Upper City, etc.)

Another big problem I have is names. Most of the time names occur to me naturally, and are great, like the main character's name (Kytster "Kyt" Allistaer), but I have been in a name rut, so whenever I have to name the planet, the city it is occurring in, the currency name, even tech company names, I have to put in ugly brackets [CURRENCY NAME] or [COMPANY NAME] and so far, my brackets have just been piling up.

Sorry to spew out too much info, but this is actually helping me organize my thoughts, so thank you :D

Anyway, that's the general gist of it. Gets pretty dark (or at least I want it to), shady and for the end I'm thinking of a  *semi-spoliers* Watchmen-like twist.

Again, sorry to dump so much onto this forum, God willing she'll bear the weight, but… yeah. I tend to explain out my ideas in detail to people until they tell me, "Great, just go write it!" :D

Your novel sounds 很有意思 (very interesting)!I can't wait to hear how it progresses. Feel free to "dump" anytime you want too. I totally understand the naming crisis. Throughout the year I collect names on scraps of paper to use in short stories and for nano, but if none of them fit the character than I'm sunk. Sometimes I go to the random name generator and keep hitting the refresh button until something interesting.

I'm glad to hear that you're writing sci-fi as I'm a huge geek and it's my favorite genre in books, movies, and television. I'm also writing futuristic sci-fi. The story was getting kinda boring so I threw in A.I. to shake things up. The trouble is I have no idea how to end my story. My MC has just left the solar system for an Earth-like planet that will take eight years to reach at faster than light speed. The goal is to terraform the planet for the massive human population to expand out of the solar system. I already know that they're going to find ruins on the planet which would be humanities first contact, but I don't know if I actually want to bring aliens into this or if I'm going to Battle Star Galactic the ending or some other possible ending that is actually interesting? 

I'm going to go write a HAL scene with a comic twist. Good luck to us both with word count and catching up.

ARRG! Ye be searchin' for a partner for this year's nanowrimo? Well, I be a swash buckler who's interested in aiding ye in you're little book writing quest. I be taking part in this challenge too and would love another lass to help me balance my writing habbits (Sorry, my inner pirate got a little excited there. I'd love to help keep you on track, but I might need a little help from you too. I'm a lazy butt but I yell at myself all the time and usually end up getting things done.) 

Great! I'd love to have someone to help motivate too. That why I don't feel like I'm just taking and taking and taking. I would be glad to return the motivation. ARRG! I be loven' yer inner pirate! Welcome aboard matey! So what's your word count looking like?
I'd like to be your partner too, but the thing is that I'd have to motivate you as much as you'd have to motivate me, for I too am using school as an excuse. However I'm not exactly a sci fi writer, so I can't guarentee how awesome I'd be. I just have a super huge imagination, so if you don't mind and/or love out-there-ish ideas, I'd be a good person to work with.

Yay, I'm stoked to help motivate you as much as possible. What classes are you taking right now? / What's your class schedule like? I'm taking language classes and I have a fun yoga class. I have classes M-F 8am to noon and after noon classes M-W. So I totally still have time for nano. At least that's what I'm telling myself. Okay, off to write write write.

I need a writing buddy too and I feel the same way about this endeavor, but my friends at school always have me proof read their stuff and apparently I'm super harsh to the point that I'm officially a jerk. I'm not even a good writer! I can just pick out problems in other people's writing really easily. But I mean, I've made my "friend-boys" cry with my criticism. But if you'll have me, I'd be glad to collaborate with you.


I'd love to have you. You're welcome to be as harsh as possible. I welcome the truth as it can only make me a better writer. So tell me a little about your novel and how you're progressing in this first week of nano-palooza! I'm at 10,113, but it's the end of the weekend so I hoping I can say caught up during the week.


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