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We are voting for the theme of the book. The theme only has to be the starting point for the works submitted, but if we could still kinda see how the story relates to the theme that would be great. Every theme will be numbered and each person picks their favourite theme and posts that number. Important, you only vote once! Simple, one person, one vote. Finally if people could only post the number, not comments that would make tallying the votes at the end a lot easier. If you want to discuss this poll, I suggest you do it on the ideas thread. This poll will close in 60 hours. I am very, very sorry if you miss out on voting, but we really need the theme so the writers can start writing.

Ok, the themes are:
1. Overcoming fears and obstacles (and becoming stronger for it)
2. Defeating world suck
3. A world of awesome
4. Communication
5. Simply a collection of short stories
6. Nerdfighters write about their experiences as part of the nerdfighter community
7. Using the initialism DFTBA as the starting point for every story
8. Assorted nerdy topics


I should probably clarify, with 5 we would only have short stories, no poetry or comics. It would be more targeted as a book to read instead of a broader encyclopedia.

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Most broad and I think it'd be really interesting to get a good grasp of everybody's strong points and personal preferences.
I like 5 because there is the broader spectrum that many have mentioned. But I'd find it awesome if these short stories are in some way nerdfighter relates, for example if you take point 7 using DFTBA for the beginning or the end or something like In My Pants at the end or the beginning. Sure, those will be insiders but once readers realize that it's a repetitive patters, they might just research about it (or maybe only Nerdfighters do that after reading?) But maybe they can be short stories about how to defeat worldsuck or increase awesome in the world, like someone else mentioned before me:
You defeat the dragon, thus increasing world awesome. Well, I don't know. Short stories allows for creative freedom, but do we want a book filled with fantasy or do we want to make it personal? I'm up for a lot.
I knovv I voted and shouldn't say a vvord though I think 1 and 5 are extraordinarily similar. Because, okay, let's say vve have 5. I can still do a story vvith 1 as the focus because vvith 5 there's no overall theme to stories, it's just: "Take this pen and paper, and JUST GO NUTS! :D!"
...I dunno. Just sayin'. 'Cause it seems like 1's a lot like 5 except instead of "take pen/paper" it's "here. this is a general idea, do anything you vvant vvith it fictional or personal." Also, just a side note, anyone vvho vvants to really understand the Dragon and the significance of it and the general idea of vvhere number 1 comes from, send me a message and I can link you a page to dovvnload a video of Joseph Campbell, vvho made the hypothesis for the Hero story (vvhich is vvhere 1 comes from I hear, I looked into it myself after I'd been told and it looks avvesome)...

Anyvvay vve all ready knovv my vote's 1 I just couldn't resist putting this. :P
5 for sure. more freedom, and i think we can include other works in there. it may not be as cohesive as the others, but were nerdfighters, we're all unique and special.
5 It could easily incorporate the other elements. Like you could start with DFTBA or whatnot. But I think you could almost do it like a Teen Ink book, with poetry or photography or drawing that matches up with the short stories around it. Group the stories by theme. It would definitely make it easier for poets, photographers to contribute. You could say what the main themes are and let them send in ideas. If they send something that matches a certain story you could include it.
one and four
3. We could really do something positive with that and, in looking at a world of awesome, it would help defeat world suck.
3 it offers more room for creativity creating a world in our collective minds that we may one day reach forward to achieve.
This poll is now closed
2 and 7!!


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