I just had an idea for a discussion so people could get to know each other better, so here it is.

A game of truth or dare only without the dare part. If you want to answer a question you have to post another one too or vise versa. So I'll start:

Who was your first boyfriend/girlfriend (with details)?

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My first boyfriend was a guy that I dated this summer. I guess he wasn't technically my boyfriend, we just dated, but it was really complicated for some reason. I met him at a 30 Seconds to Mars concert and a few days later he took me to the same concert in a different city. We dated for a month and a half, but it was difficult because he lived 3 hours away and I am still not really sure who broke up with who, but it ended. It was a good time while it lasted though, and from what I have seen randomly on facebook since then I am declaring him a bullet dodged.


Q: What is the most rebellious thing that you have done?

awww, that sounds so nice.

The most rebellious thing I've ever done? When I was a kid me and my brother were punished for driving our parents crazy, and were told told we weren't allowed to watch TV for the day but I watched anyways ;). I was never that much of a rebellious type :).


How many kids would you want in the future?

That is one weird question.....inward. I would like 5 kids by the way, all of them closely aged and maybe even twins, if not simply for the raucous at the dinner table :). But my practical side of me says that I would probably have 2 or 3, they're just so much cost and work I don't think I'll survive with any more!

Q: Doctor Who or Harry Potter? (now there's a tough one ;P)

Wow. That's the hardest question I've been asked in a long time. I would have to go with Harry Potter, just because it was my entire childhood.

When/with whom/how was your first kiss?

Maybe two days, but not any more than that. I take showers a lot, sometimes 2-3 times a day depending on what's going on.


Q: What mythical creature would you most like to be?

I don't know but it better have wings! :) Maybe a fairy or something, although they seem really lame.


What type of Doctor Who monster were you most afraid of?

2-3 days, I think. There were many nights where I had to work all-nighters so I didn't have time to shower.


Q: What is your favorite subject of learning?

I love to learn history and this semester I have recently discovered that I also really like art.


Q: What is the strangest thing that you have ever eaten?

Well I mixed root beer and chocolate milk but thats more of a drink though does that count?

Strangest think I've eaten is probably Jalokia (ghost pepper) hot sauce.  The strange thing is that I survived with my tongue intact.

Q: Where was your secret hideout as a kid? 

When I was a kid we would meet up every second Saturday at my grandparents' house in the south. Right under their hows is a playground with swings and slides and stuff, so me and my cousins that were around my age would play there. Once we found a niche behind a couple of small trees at the end of the playground and decided to make it our hiding place. I don't remember it being used all that long, maybe for one or two of these family gatherings nothing more, but it was a hiding place...

Khail- There was a nice little fortress across the street from my house in a small patch of woods.

Q- What is the one place you want to go above all others?


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