Any Aussie Nerdfighters out there? It's ridiculously lonely; I only know of two: myself and leetlechucktaylor. Find Nerdfighters, you Aussies, you! We're so lonely... LOL.

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Helloooo! I've just joined and I'm from Perth but I've got a feeling I'm the only one.. =(
so much for finding nerdfighters near by lol (and I was dreaming of awesome nf gatherings and everything)
Sydney Nerdfighter here
Awesome. More and more! ^__^
Brisbane and I only know of a couple other Brisbane nerdfighters it's sad really. Although (bit off topic) but I mentioned Lolcats at uni the other day and was met with a lot of blank looks so maybe I'm expecting a bit much.
I feel your pain genericfirstname.
I too am Brisbane based and said "I plan to decrease world suck" to a friend and they just stared at me like I was crazy. :(
Yay another nerdfighter from Brisbane, us Australians are all to spread out dammit!

I am from brisbane, I'm 21, just finished my B.Sc.(Environmental Science) and I like chemistry, star wars, Jesus, cars, water testing, drinking coffee and going to the beach :) would like to meet a male nerd fighter with similar interests :)

Hooray Aussie Nerdfighters are the best!! But it seems like there aren't too many Victorian Nerdfighters.

any melbournians? :3
Yes!! I'm from Melbourne... 's Western suburbs.

Fellow Brisbane Nerdfighter here! Someone should seriously consider orginising a Australian Nerdfighter Gathering! Theres more of us than you think!



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