Just wanting to see who is in my area :) I live in Lawrence,KS and spend a fair amount of time in KC. I am a Lindy Hopper, fiction reader, and cat lover. Hope to make some Nerdfighter friends, and maybe fall in like with another Nerdfighter.

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I've seen a couple Nerdfighters that are from around your area. For some reason I never quite got the Lindy Hop, I probably just spent more time with swing. That and I generally let my partner lead.
Yay Kansas! Yay Lawrence!
I've tried swing dancing, but I'm way off beat always. :-(
I used to live in Topeka, KS! VERY near Lawrence (I'm sure you know that though, ha)! I now live in central Missouri though. Any other MO people out there?
I live in Missouri, Yay for the boring states!!!
I see Wandering dropped in to say hi, and so shall I. Nebraska in the house now, close enough to Kansas I suppose
I'm from the KC area. I'm a Scottish Highland dancer, fiction reader, and pretty-much-anything-furry lover. I'm really excited to see that there are other Nerdfightastic people in the area!
Yay Kansas Nerdfighters, Manhattan Here
Hi Joy, Im originally from Belton, MO but live in Kansas City, KS now =)
So since there do appear to be a few Nerdfighters in the area, do you all want to plan some sort of get together? I feel weird about meeting people off of the internet, but I think if we do it in a big group it will seem slightly less threatening. Any ideas? Are there any fun (preferably cheap) events going on in KC soon? The Renaissance Festival is coming up if anyone is interested...
I think it's a great idea. I don't know any other Nerdfighters irl.
I know thegunnster's post is almost a year old, but the Ren Fest is almost here again. I would be up for a group outing :)
I'm from Wichita, KS, but I'll be up in Manhattan this fall. Is there anyone here who goes to K-State?


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