I was thinking that some of you might be interested in starting a five awesome girls like thing but blogging instead of vlogging, so if you're interested, comment!
I'm Flannery, I'm a 14 year old girl. I live in the Midwest, and I'm obsessed with Harry potter. I also love hunger games, and pretty much any book :) I'm kinda crazy hyper, I'm a swimmer, a band geek, and I LOVE reading :) RAVENCLAW!! :D

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sounds cool :)

I'm Loren, I like old movies and arguing about stupid stuff, I love drawing and reading, I've started about 10 blogs in my the last couple of years. I'm almost 16 and I like in New York. I play the French Horn horribly and I fence. Normally I come up with an intro slightly more creative than this, but I have to finish my US report. So... let me know if I could join.

Great! What day would you like?

Hmmm... thursday?

Cool :)
Awesome :)
Do you want to be Tuesday or Friday?

im interested if there are spots left :)

I'll let you know, I'm not sure yet :)

cool ok my name is angela btw :D

Great! We do have a spot left if you want to join :) what are you're interests?? :)

fantasy (LOVE LOVE LOVE harry potter and merlin-tv show AND real legend) and music (most forms) and sports (but only the good ones :P) and science and uhm if i can think of anything else i'll let you know :P but yes i am extrmemly interested

oh and i make jewellery and stuff like that.  basically when i am bored i make stuff :D oh and i love animals and trees and yeah basically all that stuff :D


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