A Pen Pal to learn a language. (For people that want to learn a new language or teach theirs the fun way.)

My name is Norman King Franklin III but you can all call me trey.
I really want to find an Italian pen pal.

Being bilingual is optional on this chat. So if you want to learn a new language or teach your language please just post on here. This is an amazing way to make a friend worldwide. This is a discussion for e-mail type pen pals. 

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soo,i'm from austria.if anyone's interested in learning the ugliest language in the world,german,it'd be a pleasure (:

Oh Nina.. it cannot be that bad. I don't want to slam another language (on the ugliest) but I have always like the German language so if you would like to teach me I would be willing to learn :)

i'd love to (:

so i'm dying to learn some of the following: irish,welsh,italian and finnish. i could offer german (i'm austrian),french (though i'd absolutely not enjoy that) and english of course in return (:

I can try with Irish

Hi i would really like to learn some French or Spanish(of which I alredy know a little bit) , if anyone is interested in teaching me
In return I can, sadly only offer German,

i'm from Austria by the way

I'm from Ireland so if anyone want to learn Irish, let me know

I'd love to learn Irish if you're still up for it :) In return I can offer French or Spanish if you'd be interested.

Sure no problem.

I know French as well but I'm really rusty.

What way would you like to do it?

Not sure - never done anything like this before. My email is or you can add me on skype (just search omfgiloveit or Aimee Lambert) and we'll sort something from there :)

I'm studying french GCSE, but most of my class pretty much sucks, so the teacher is slow... I'd love it if someone could just help with some more useful/interesting vocabulary and see if I can get more practical stuff instead of the standard textbook criteria :) and also maybe just to have an interesting talk (not necessarily in french... im not that good xD)

Thanks, and DFTBA...


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