A Pen Pal to learn a language. (For people that want to learn a new language or teach theirs the fun way.)

My name is Norman King Franklin III but you can all call me trey.
I really want to find an Italian pen pal.

Being bilingual is optional on this chat. So if you want to learn a new language or teach your language please just post on here. This is an amazing way to make a friend worldwide. This is a discussion for e-mail type pen pals. 

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Hello, I'm looking for a French person. I'll be taking French III in high school this year so I can speak a little french, but I want someone fluent to teach me more and help me out with my class. I only speak English.

Hi! I love all laguages! The ones I'm most interested in are Spanish, Polish, German, Mandarin, or Japanese.

Hi, my name's Emily and I take French at school but I would love to work on it with someone like this! I love this idea and I am going into French IV. I've read the first 2 Harry Potter books in French and am half way through the third.

I would also be interested in learning Hindi, though I know that may be harder to find a match for--but I think to learn Hindi I would need to start out with spelling the words in ABC's rather than Hindi script. Is there any possibilty of a pen pal for either of those?

i'm learning spanish in schol, and could do with some help.
I can speak French and Spanish to GCSE standard but i really want to improve so I can hopefully be fluent and this seems like a really good way - im really interested in helping/being helped to this sounds perfect :)

I am glad to see this is an active post. Even if it has almost died... I still think this would be a great way to learn languages. I am still looking for someone to help me with Italiano. ;)

soo,i'm from austria.if anyone's interested in learning the ugliest language in the world,german,it'd be a pleasure (:

Oh Nina.. it cannot be that bad. I don't want to slam another language (on the ugliest) but I have always like the German language so if you would like to teach me I would be willing to learn :)

i'd love to (:

so i'm dying to learn some of the following: irish,welsh,italian and finnish. i could offer german (i'm austrian),french (though i'd absolutely not enjoy that) and english of course in return (:

I can try with Irish

Hi i would really like to learn some French or Spanish(of which I alredy know a little bit) , if anyone is interested in teaching me
In return I can, sadly only offer German,

i'm from Austria by the way


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