Hey! I'm Margaret, a 19 year old Nerdfighter who is also a freshman in college! I was thinking it'd be really nice to get at least one pen pal who is also in college, because let's not beat around the bush, what college kid doesn't love getting a little extra mail? We could be pen pals over the summer too and stuff, but I was just thinking, it's always nice when you go to your mailbox and you have something there.

I'm nerdy for a lot of different reasons. Whovian in training (My roommate got me HOOKED in September and now I can't stop...I'm in the middle of Season 5), Potterhead to the extreme, I love all the classics (Jane Austen, Bronte sisters, Anne of Green Gables, Louisa May name it, I've read it!), I love to read anything I can get my hands on in pretty much any genre, I knit, I write, I like to dance when nobody's looking... basically everything that's awesome, y'know how it goes.

I'm really open to anyone as long as people actually like to put effort into writing letters. I think there's something so personal about a hand written letter that everyone just gets away from these days. It's prety tragic.

So yeah! Reply if you're a collegiate who's interested in this whole college pen pal idea! :)

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i am also a 19 year old college freshman! I am european (portugal) and i really like to read the classics by awesome writers (tolstoi, orwell, john green xD, virginia woolf or saramago) plus some graphic novels like blankets, scott pilgrim and walking dead. Although i don't have time to play games i am a nintendo fanboy, love all the franchises, mario, zelda, kirby, metroid, etc... Plus rpg's like skyrim, fallout, etc..

what about your music taste? what are your favorite genres? i like jazz, rock indie, and some good ol' folk.

Happy Holidays and DFTBA!!

if you don't mind to have a foreign pen pal just reply :)!

Hey, I'm a nineteen year old college sophomore, I'd love to be your pen pal!  :)  From the looks of it, we have a lot in common- I'm a wordnerd in a major kind of way, I LOVE Doctor Who and Harry Potter, and my bedside table is absolutely crammed with notebooks, haha.  Let me know if that sounds ok!  I'm from California and am currently living there, but will possibly be transferring out of the USA for next year onwards, in case that's an issue, haha.


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