Hey you,

Yes, you. The one with the face

I'm a 16 year old Northern Irish girl looking for a adequate distraction from her GCSE revision (I kid, I kid)

Nerdfigher (no, really? :O) youtube-lover, Potter-maniac, Hyphenating-addict, same old, same old.

It'd be awesome to have an over seas penpal :)

Well, toodlepip :)

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Hello there :)

I am a soon-to-be 16 Australian girl who is a youtube lover, Potterhead, Whovian and a Nerdfighter (Duh).
Message me if you're interested, yes?

My email is "", do not judge, I made it when I was 10 and I can't be bothered changing it....and I kind of like it too :)

*Insert witty goodbye line* 

Hey, hey.

I'm 16 year old girl from Australia. I love Harry Potter and stuff...

Woah, you definitely want to be my pen pal now, I sound so interesting.

toodles :)


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