Hallo everyone,

I'm Pip. I'm 24, a nurse, and I live in Australia. I've been wanting a penpal (or penpals) for a while now, but I've not had a settled enough address. Now I do! Hooray!  

I love the idea of getting to know somebody away across the world, who I otherwise might never have had the chance to meet, befriend, and discover how awesome they are. I'm into the usual things - reading, writing, television (I have a ~thing~ for BBC comedy and documentaries), film - and I also cross stitch and am slowly teaching myself Welsh in my off-time. I'm a multi-instrumentalist (my primary instruments are piano and flute) and I play computer and video games very poorly.

I would like a penpal(s) who are close-ish in age to myself, and I'd prefer snail-mail (I have a dodgy internet connection) but I don't mind emailing if you'd rather not give your address out to a total stranger. 



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Hi Pip, I'm Steve. I'm 25, a business student, and I live in Washington State USA. I have not been much of a social person in the past but have been wanting to branch out a little. Personally, I love the idea of snail mail (I'm not much of a fan of instant gratification.)

About me... hrm... Well, I am going to school for business and with that I hope to start a remodeling company. I enjoy reading, writing, listening, computer games, volunteering, and many other things. The only instrument I play is voice. I have been involved in choirs since I was 7. Married of close to 3 years and have 2 cats. I love cats.

I have had one experience with  a pen pal in the past when I was in Iraq (I am no longer in the army) and some issues arose in the guys family that made him have to stop writing. 

If you do decide I am a worthy just send me a message and I will give you my address. 

I look forward to potentially reading from you.


Hi Pip, 

I am Jessica I live in Texas USA. I just finished college and am going beck for a teaching certificate. I am fine with snail mail or email either is fine.

About me - I am a huge BBC fan (Cathrine Tate Show, Torchwood, Dorctor Who, Misfits, Etc.) I am also a big Sci-fi fan! Um I like gaming, I am no good but I enjoy console games (Mario Bros., Sonic, Mortal Kombat Etc). I am also a crafter I am all about any crafty thing I can find. I am addicted to Pinterest because of my crafting interests. Um I know there is more about me but I guess I can save that if you decide to have me as your penpal.



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