For those here who specifically want pen-pals from overseas!  Please at least have these basics when you are introducing yourself:

  • Your Name.
  • Your Email.
  • Age.
  • Where you live.
  • Preferred Method of Contact.

Also, for all those people who can speak other languages, please put this in your profile as well. 

Besides from your interests (ie books, shows, and vlogs) we can make it a little more nerdfighter-tastic by answering  some of these questions and prompts:

  • What is your favorite catch-phrase?
  • Describe the silliest dance you know.
  • What would your last meal be?
  • Talk about your weirdest experience to date.
  • What is your super-hero alias?
  • Explain what being a nerd-fighter means to you.
  • Who is your most influential person to date? 

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Name: Erin.


Age: 19, going on 12.

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

Languages: Only English, I'm afraid.

Contact: Snail Mail Preferred. 

Interests: Recent Doctor Who convert, as well as massive science fiction fan including all the classics: Jules Verne, Arthur C. Clarke, Ray Bradbury, Alfred Hitchcock, etc. Lover of the Horrible Histories CBBC program and big fan of Texas instrumental band called Explosions in the Sky.

Prompt: Describe the silliest dance you know.

One of the great joys of living in Scotland is enjoying Ceilidhs, or Scottish Highland Dancing. You dance all night long, and if you're like me, then the heels are long gone and you're dancing bare-foot on a wooden floor with more than 100 people. The silliest one I know of is this one called "The Sausage Machine." The name itself just cracks me up (immature, I know). The whole thing is this monstrosity of turns, and changes, and confusion. But, brilliant fun. 

  • Name: Brux Löw Eizerik
  • E-mail:
  • Age: 19
  • Where you live: Brazil!
  • Preferred Method of Contact: I really like letters.
  • I speak portuguese, english, a little norwegian and i can read in spanish and sorta in french.
  • Interestes include House MD, silly old-ish tv shows (the more drama, the better), card games, traveling (not the traveling itself, most of the time, unless i'm driving or it's less than 5h flying), learning new languages and doing something else while i'm supposed to be working/studying.
  • the silliest dance i know: ok, it might not be that silly, but makes me giggle everytime someone starts doing it: it's a dance my friend though us a while back (like, 7 years ago), and we still do it. It's like we're preparing the ground to plant, you push the soil, you pull the soil and then you fluff.
  • I sometimes blurt out the capitan planet catch phrase (in portuguese), whenever i hear a word that reminds me of it.
  • And I'm also very dramatic when I'm with people i feel comfortable around, so you can see me shouting rando stuff on the buss or the mall, but mostly at home.

Hullo! Do you want to be pen-pals? We can start off with email first and then do letters. 

PS. My favorite hobby is procrastination too XD.

Sure :D

procrastination is the best thing in the world (up until when you have to study or your grades will suffer...)

Name: Lucy Bleazard
Age: 16
Where you live: Bradford, England.
Preferred Method of Contact: I love receiving letters!
Languages: English. I can speak a moderate amount of French. Sort of.

I love writing, I've won NaNoWriMo and Camp NaNoWriMo once each, and I love to read books as well. Books are wonderful. I can't even describe how much I love books. I'm reading The Great Gatsby at the moment, but my favourite book of all time is OBVIOUSLY TFiOS. Obviously. I mean, come on. If you've read it you'll know what I mean. I had to write John Green a very emotional email upon finishing it.

Prompt: Explain what being a nerd-fighter means to you...
It means reducing world suck. It means discarding the idea that to be well-liked and popular in today's society you have to look a certain way or speak a certain way or act a certain way or have fake hair or silicon implanted into your chest. Not that any of those things are wrong, just that they aren't necessary to be happy. It means that no matter who you are or what you look like, you can watch a video or listen to a song or read a book and be accepted somewhere.


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