I'm 13

My idea of a good weekend is going to the library or with friends...Oh how lame I am.

I need someone to write LOOOOONG and awkward messages back and forth :)

if yoh tahlk lyk diss duhnt tahlk 2 meeee
I mean a few extra letter for emphasis or something small like that is fine...also run on sentences are fine with me because I tend to do that quiet often :P

im just looking for someone between the ages of 13-15(;

im new at this so sorry if im not that interesting(:

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HIYA! Sorry I'm a little late on the reply, but I noticed no one else replied, so I figured this was my best shot at getting a pen pal. You seem to be quite similar to me, although I tend to be on the weird/crazy/odd side. I, too, am 13 and I enjoy the same 'lame' weekends that you do. I was just wondering where you live? I live in Georgia, USA. Oh, Good Idea!! Here is a list containing random things about me:

~ I am very clumsy

~I love candy

~I play soccer

~ I once had a four wheeler land on me (nothing broken, I was fine)

~ I enjoy writing


~ Ya, I'm a MAJOR nerd, like not a regular nerd, but such a nerd, that I once decided to take a skit we had to WRITE for a class and actually ACT it out and record a video (no video yet)

~Cato (Alexander Ludwig) is pretty...

Ya, so message me if you're interested. I would love to pen pal with you. Oh, one last question: Snail Mail or E- Mail? I don't care either way, but I kind of like the idea of snail mail


P.S.- If you don't like Charlie Mcdonnell, I don't know what we are going to do, but I'm sure we'll figure something out. Ha, just kidding!

Hey, if you are still looking, I'd love to be pen pals. a few months ago, someone asked me to be a pen pal, she wrote to me once and I answered, but never got a reply back. I've always liked the idea of having a pen pal, writing real snail-mail letters back and forth with someone. I'm 15, so not the exact same age but close. Message me if you're interested.


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