Hey guys,

My name is Colleen. I'm 19 and I would LOVE a penpal! :] 

I like things like Harry Potter, LOTR, reading basically ANYTHING, listening to ANY kind of music (I specifically like classic rock), playing Nancy Drew games [yes I know I'm a dork], drawing, playing guitar, doing logic puzzles, and various other random things. 



I love writing letters, but none of my friends seem to share this love. 

so finding a penpal would be super cool :D 


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Hi there! I´m Angie from Argentina. I love writing letters the old fashion way, and love HP. I´m trying to play the guitar and LOVE drawing. So tell me if you are interested. Bye :D

Hey! I'm totally interested :] 

message me your info and we'll get this started 

WHOA.  So many things in common.  


I'm Ashley, 20 years old.  I adore Harry Potter and LOTR, there's basically nothing I won't read, I FREAKING LOVE CLASSIC ROCK (I know a ton of Foreigner and Journey, but I like all of it), I used to play Nancy Drew all the time but left my games at home when I came to school.  I'm a decent draw-er, but haven't had time to practice in a while, and logic puzzles are one of my favorite things to do :)


I also love snail mail :)  If you're interested in befriending me via snail mail, message me!




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