So I've already made a comment to the group but I felt the need to add a discussion!

I'm currently studying at summer school and the days I have class are very intense but the days I don't have class are very boring and I would absolutely love to have a pen pal! Email or letter does not matter!

More information about me: I'm studying management and majoring in Accounting and minoring in Economics and Finance. I read a lot, my friend recently got me into the Matched series and also Divergent, which both are amazing. However she took ready player one which was in my opinion fantastic!

Besides reading, I play the drums and guitar and listen to all sorts of music. I prefer rock and metal but I'm not closed minded to stuff from R'n'B or hiphop or pop or other genres.

I also watch a tonne of tv series, I do this so that I'm not stuck on one constantly waiting for the next episode to come out! However I am very excited for the Doctor Who Christmas special, can't wait to see what the snowmen look like! Turn such innocent child like characters into these weird space killings things haha, but no honestly I love it.

Umm..I'm not sure what else to write. I kinda covered everything in the comments about myself, but if there are any questions you have let me know :)

Always looking for new people to talk to :D :D

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