Hi I'm Naomi, I'm 16 and would love a penpal around that age? I love LofTR, Doctor Who, Harry Potter and I'm a massive reader (anything fantasy). It'd be great to get a penpal from anywhere so just comment if you're interested.


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Can we just be penpals because we have the same name  and that makes us awesome or is that not allowed?

Of course its allowed and it just makes us uber awesome

It so would

Inbox me?

Hey Naomi!

I think we are really similar! Yeaaaah, I supose we are completely awesome hahaha

Be my friend! *sounds like a desperate unicorn (?)*

Hello! My Name is Sarah and I'm a 16-year-old American who lives in New York.  I’m a total nerd (and an AWESOME one at that! ;D). 

I’m a total potterhead, an avid reader (though I mostly enjoy classics, sci-fi, mysteries, and adventure novels.  I haven’t really met a genera that I’ve absolutely hated), and I absolutely love music.  Music = Life to me! I’m also a fan of the Final Fantasy and Zelda games.  I don’t watch a lot of TV, but I do enjoy CSI:NY, Mythbusters, and Dirty Jobs.

I’d also prefer E-mail over snail mail.  ^_^ 

Message me if you’re interested. 


Hey Sarah my name is Davis, i would like to be your friend if you also wish to be my friend just drop a line to my email!

I think you sound like a really interesting person! It would be nice to have a nerd New Yorker friend. Contact me if you want to ^^

Hi there :) I'm Kelsey, I'm 14 turning 15 in December and I'd love to have a penpal around my age that loves to read, and watch Doctor Who, someone who likes Chemistry or maybe knows another language would be great as well :)

I'm Sara, from Spain and I think you're awesome! :D My top three in my life (refered to movies/series that define who I am) is LOTR, Doctor Who and Harry Potter. 


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