Instead of just having girls as blog buddies I would like boys and girls! it would be a lot of fun...I'm a freshman in college so I guess people 17+ up would be cool if you are interested, either reply to this or the other post I did both will be the same thing just making it clear that it doesn't have to just be girls.

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Hey Chelsey!

So I never did a vlog before... but I have to start somewhere! I'm interrested to be your vlog buddie if you want! Let me know!

definitely interested.

Interested off my socks. Sophmore in college, majoring in Cognitive Science and minoring in Theater. Some vlogging experience. Lemme know.
I'm a freshmen in college too. I would definitely be interested in doing a vlog. :) I've always wanted to and who better to do it with than fellow nerdfighters?

Name: Sabrena

Age: 18

Location: USA, Illinois

Interests: Youtube, Ministry of Magic, Harry Potter, italktosnakes, raywilliamjohnson, Luke Conard, music, fashion, Hank Green, Star Trek, Chihuahuas, pictures, True Blood, CollegeHumor, anthropology, UNICEF, reading, :), tv.

Basically, I like you am uber obsessed with youtube and have been wanting to start a vlog (especially since it is a new year!) I just made a new channel called "Thedailysaga"... but I have not posted anything. =( I really want to get into vlogging! Let me know if you have any questions! :)


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