so i am looking for some people who may want to start a collab project or we could be vlog partners. im hoping for ppl over 15 years of age for this. we can make it like the vlog bros. or a new collaboration project of a few people!


comment and let me know if your interested, nikki!

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I've never done any vlogs, but have always been pretty interested in getting involved somehow :) I'm 19, going on 20 in April. Sounds like fun!

I think it could be fun im 19,it could be a great thing and who knows ! im thinking i coul make a channel on youtube that who ever wants to be involved could have access to it!

For the format, were you thinking of something like the fiveawesomeguys/sarcaschicks where each person has a specific day of the week and then we have a theme/topic for each week to discuss/base our video around? I think that would be really cool to do

Yea that sounds like the idea! if we c ould thste ink of a name! i got one other person intrested with us!

Do you want to make a private group on here to organize it and invite everyone to it? That would probably be pretty easy and efficient for getting everyone involved

ok everyone thats intrested go to the group, its called the DFTBA Collab group, add me Nikki and ill get everyone invted

I'm down. I'm 24, what topics/ format are you thinking of?

Oh... I don't know if I'm a little late to answer this, so feel free to let me know if all the spots are filled! But, I'd really like to join. I've been meaning to start vlogging (I really want to become more active in the youtube community), and I don't want to go into it alone! I'm 15 though, so maybe I'm too young for this? Oh well, let me know!


Hi Nikki - I'm 27 and from New York City.  If you're still doing the project and you need someone, sign me up!  I have a camera and frequently vlog, so I'm committed!  I'm a Harry Potter / music / reading nerdfighter.


I would be interested in joining too. I'm 23 years old.

I've never done something like vlogging before, so I don't really know about the equipment and stuff, but I'm willing to learn :)

Awesome Add me or sam lyttle! we will get you into our private group and get you set up! 

did this idea die or did you forget about me?


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