This has probably already been done before, but I'm a nerdfighting noob, so give me a break, hardcores. :p I just think it'd be interesting to be vlog pals with someone... like being pen pals, but also similar to Brotherhood 2.0. Of course, we could never hope to be as awesome as Hank and John, but I still feel as if it would be a really fun experiment, in the least. We could become really good friends through the power of the internet!

So, if you're interested, comment below. It would even be kinda better than just one pen pal because, technically, this could work with like 3 or 4. Not too many people, though, only due to the fact that it has a higher probability of getting confusing and difficult to schedule. You can also email me at if you wish. We can discuss how we want to set this up and all that loveliness.

DFTBA! -Lily the geeky blonde :D

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I would like to... If you wish to contact me send me a message on here

I'd be interested! 

I'm interested, you can message me if you want.

That sounds like a really cool idea! Contact me if you want :)

I'm going to send you guys some questions to see who I want to be my partner(s) in this project. Feel free to make one of your own if I don't choose you for this one... I just want a compatibility factor involved, if you know what I mean. :P


Oh, and aol deleted that email account for some reason, so if you wish to shoot me an email, send it to

Sounds like fun!

I am interested in all things vloggy! I think this sounds fun (: Except... Not quite as intense at brotherhood 2.0... Because I am both busy and lazy. 


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