Where do you want to go before you die?

I have not yet left the United States, sadly, so I'd love to go anywhere. However, I want to go to London very badly. Also, since I'm Irish, a trip to Ireland with my family. I'll go to Italy, too, and read Angels and Demons right before. On the plane ride, maybe! Of course, can't forget a nice cruise to some sunny place! 

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I read Maureen Johnson's 13 Blue Envelopes and at one point the girl in the book goes to Denmark and goes to a place there where the sun literally never goes down. I've been to a lot of places. I've seen most of Europe and parts of Asia but the one place i really wanna go is there :)
I want to travel the world but mostly i want to go to Sweden,Finland,Norway,Greenland,Iceland and Antartica
Europe would be amazing! I'm pretty much in the same boat, traveling-wise...not able to. But someday I am going to live there, I honestly don't have a specific place in mind, somewhere nice. Haha, I kind of think that college in England would a)work well and b)awesome. Plus the fact that I could comprehend the language. But I do want to go all over the place too!

tour Europe, find my ancestral home, settle down, be buried with my forefathers


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