What level can just a thought start to influence the physical world around us? How much thought is needed? How can it be measured?

Are books frozen thought of by gone years or are they still active and alive?

So lets get thinking and see what our thoughts can do.

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Quantum physics says everything is energy and like energy attracts like energy. So if everything is energy our thoughts are energy. Thus it draws what we are think about towards us the good and the bad. All we need to do is master our thoughts and we master our own reality. Another person cant affect your reality you can only affect your own reality.
Quantum physics says everything is energy and like energy attracts like energy

I've read a great deal of physics and never encountered any such claim.
I think that when you focus your thoughts that things can happen. Make matter appear, well maybe not, but maybe rearrange matter(O2) into gold.....? Maybe... The issue is that it takes enourmous amounts of thought manipulating matter right now to create an effect. Example: I need a tunnel through the mountain. I use a tunneling machine, many men build the machine, I have to mine the ore for the machine and the coal to make the fire to forge the machine... ect, ect, ect..

I think that we can tap into a field that allows us to get energy from another dimension. maybe where our soul lives, but this is pure speculation. I think we may be able to channel this in time for more effect. The easier way is to have many people focus on the same goal.

I think we will discover new things about the world around us and the dimensions we live in. We are multi-dimensional creatures already, but maybe we tap into more than we realize.

You think a lot, but it all sounds very unscientific and essentially unprovable. It's like saying "I think I have an invisible, undetectable purple dragon in my garage" because your theory lacks any foundation or way of proving it.

yes 100 percent. think of it this way. according to descartes perception is all that really matters since we cant prove there is in fact a "reality". also time and time again in random number generators humans can control the output of randomly generated numbers about 94% of the time. also you have the butterfly effect so if i go right insted of left on my way to work and that causes a car to stop that wouldnt have otherwise (when i cross the street) that persons whole day is going to be different and who knows what could happen after that. there are so many ways to look at this question and so many ways in which thoughts can change reality. its all comes down to the entanglement. lol

1) You're abusing Descartes in ways unimaginable. Read his Meditations: He is extremely sceptical about perception and he claims to have proven the existance of the outside world.

2) Those random generator experiments are all nonsense, and based on selective statistics. Never ever has a controlled study shown any variations in randomness

3) The butterfly effect only works if you're under the assumption that we have free will. Which is a complex question on its own.

Unfortunately living in a physical reality a physical interface is the most efficient way for our thoughts to interact and influence the physical world around us. The opposite is true as well. Our thoughts are influenced by the physical world, to a much greater extent than our thoughts alone could ever achieve.

Just a little while ago I posted a thread in the Debates, Intellectual Discourse, and Current Events category about Quantum Mechanics, Time and Multiple Universes. Our observations can affect the position of an electron, why not more you are asking. Throw a bit of chaos theory in there and maybe, just maybe, we can affect our physical reality with thought alone more than we would realize.

Now, I really find the book comment interesting as they are records of thought yes, but over time changes in semantics can change in meaning. It all depends on the context of the reader as well. For example a book on quantum mechanics would have little to no meaning to someone without the fundamental previous knowledge of basic physics at least. This doesn't change the book itself, but it certainly does change the book's usefulness and relativity, which in a way does change the book. (in a weird roundabout way)

Books die if they are forgotten and lost or destroyed and so the ideas and thoughts inside die until they are discovered again by another thinker.

Your argument is valid, but keep in mind that what you're talking about isn't science, or even quantum mechanics, but interpretation of QM. It's not proven or anything, it's just the hypothetical/philosophical side of QM. For reference, see the wikipedia article on 'interpretations of quantum mechanics'.

I think this question is muddled with a silly assumption, namely that there is a difference between the physical and the mental. This assumption, of course stemming from the silly Descartes, is the biggest crap people have ever believed in, because it gives rise to all kinds of philosophical and scientific problems, which even Descartes himself knew of. It has no way of explaining how psychoactive drugs work, or how the brain influences the mind, or even how the mind influences the body: How are the two connected? It can't be via physical laws, because the mind isn't physical. The two are posed as separate domains, while they have to be connected to each other.

Either way, if we let that assumption go, we can see that if thoughts are physical, the entire question is nonsense.


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