#1 hobby:
other hobbies:
Dumper or Dumpee?
Whats the color of your toothbrush?
Whats one of your wierd quirks?
Describe yourself in 3 words:
If you were straned on a tropical island name 2 things your bring.
If you could take a vacation ANYWERE were would it be?
If you were invisible for a day what would you do?
If you owned a yacht what would you call it?
Do you think I'm asking too many questions?
If you could be any animal what would it be?
If you got stuck on a raft with someone in the middle of the ocean, who wold you want it to be?
If you could talk in your sleep what would you say?
If your plane was about to crash, who would you want sitting next to you?
If you could add a person to Mount Rushmore who would it be?
Thats my 20 questions :3 Reply, lonley lovers!

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Ah. Oh well. In other news, I just read the new 1/2 Prince chapter. I wish people in real life could pull relevant proverbs out of nowhere like 1/2 Prince characters do.
if i knew proverbs i would totally bust them out in conversation XD
"You can know ten things by learning one." ~Japanese Proverb

In that case, I'll keep asking questions :3

Do you have any siblings?
yeah i have an older sister, and two younger half-siblings brother and a baby sister. what about yourself?
haha your answers were awesome, Now I want to change my answers to go to japan, and i want to bring a dog too now, I just realized if i didn't i'd need to talk to a volley ball, have you tried talking to a volley ball, they hate poles, and not poles like tether ball poles, like polish people.hah just kidding.
XD thanks. i'm going to change my answer to be more specific. i wont bring just any dog, but a trained dog that will also hunt for me XD now that is handy on an uninhabited island.

gasp i never knew volley balls were racist. maybe that is why i'm the only one with red arms after gym, its the polish thing i've got going on.
Oh that little bastard, we should totally go polish on his ass, (Me being polish too) and by that I mean fading in the background in comparison to the Brooklyn Italians, ETHNOCENTRIC JOKE! Just playing, i love italians, which i would guess is still racially biased, :p jk.
quick! what is your favorite polish food?
Nom? Je suis Natalie. (: Nice to meetya.
Wie alt bist du? Fifteen (going on sixteen; I know that I'm naive).
Hobby #1? I read and I play video games. The only other activity that comes close to the amount of time I spend on those two hobbies is sleeping, or breathing.
Other hobbies? I like to draw, sometimes, sort of. I like to reminisce and watch old disney movies. I write, but not well.
Interests? I'm a history/international affairs nerd, and I like to learn other languages.
Style: Uhm, casual/comfortable. A bit "emo", I am told. ):
Dumper/Dumpee: The one relationship I have been in ended with me as a dumper, but I'm not sure what I really am. I haven't ever been in a very long relationship.
Color of toothbrush: Uh, blue.
Weird quirks: I cook when I'm nervous. The more food I make, the more uncomfortable I probably am. I'm not necessarily an emotional eater, I just cook.
You in 3 words: Cynical, critical, curious.
Two things on a tropical island: Survival books by Ragnar Benson and signal flares - lots of them.
Vacation spot: I would want to go to the Salar de Uyuni, in Bolivia, and generally bum around in South America - with some friends, a translator, and a hired guard or two.
Invisible for a day: Uh... shoplift? I'm not really sure.
Yacht name: the SS PATTON, because General George Patton was a bamf.
Too many questions? Maybe. I don't see how this is necessarily helpful.
Any animal? Probably a cat. Flying's cool, swimming would be nice, but to be a cat, with food and warm, sunlit carpet available... That'd be really nice.
Stuck on a raft with: My best friend? Or maybe someone like Michael Phelps who could just tie a rope around his waist and swim us closer to some land, somewhere.
Sleeptalking: Not sure, but it would either be meaningless, or very, very personal.
Plane crash in 10987654321: My mom. I would want to tell her I love her, y'know?
Rushmore: Uh. Andrew Jackson, because he was so crazy and badass that when someone tried to assassinate him, the guns (which were in perfect working order) didn't shoot (the bullets were, like everyone else, afraid of him) and then he beat the gunman almost to death with his cane. Andrew "Ol' Hickory" Jackson, ladies and gentlemen.
Patton was a major badass. I concur. As for Jackson, I hear he threatened to hang people a lot and the whole assassination attempt story is awesome. My feelings regarding his effectiveness as a president are different, however. Aaron Burr is another funny character in history.

As for dumper/dumpee status, I wouldn't consider you to be either. You can't plot a trend with one piece of data. Who's to say that your next couple relationships won't end up with you being the dumpee. Besides, I feel like the whole dumper/dumpee labels can do nothing but belittle people. If you are a dumper, you are generally a hard-to-please asshole whereas dumpees are pathetic victims that nobody likes. Can we not play the blame game? Relationships end for many different reasons. That doesn't mean that one person is better. It doesn't mean that one person is at fault. It doesn't mean that one person is a victim and the other a villain. When a relationship ends, we should take some time to reflect of what both sides did to contribute to that end and then try to preserve a friendship with the other person. I'm tired of seeing people go from being lovers to enemies over a breakup. It's depressing.

Oops o.o It seemed my simple comment turned into a rant. Sorry.
Both of them kicked a lot of butt in their days. I wonder if it would be more appropriate to name a super-powerful missile or bomb after them, rather than make them.. giant faces...

Yeah.. And even with more than one piece of data, correlation does not necessarily imply causation. I'm sick of seeing my friends break up and hate each other - not because of the causes of the breakup or the breakup itself, but because its as if a break up is a grave injustice that happens to one person. Even if one person is clearly the dumper, that doesn't make them the only person involved in the breakup - if the relationship wasnt working for one of them, it wouldnt work for them to be together, since relationships involve uh you know more than one person. |: I'm being vague and incoherent, but maybe you, as they say, "catch my drift"?
The drift has been caught ;) lol


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