Even though most people have posted comments with there skype names i think we should make a discussion to put them all in. Post your skype name here and then look for people mentioning DFTBA! There is a nerdfighters skype chat group sort of that a lot of people are a part of. Add me if you want to 


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say anglerfish 10 hour loop, or dftba, or nerdfighters, or french the llama, or anything else related to nerdfighteria in the loop, I'll add you

Hey, just mention something ridiculously nerdy (aka awesome) and I'll add you:D

Mines tomw111999 (Yay creativity :p) And yeah, mention nerdfighting and such if you're gonna add me




I'll stick mine down again. Mention nerdfighting, please? :P


megan.scott52 just mention DFTBA of nerdfighters

If anyone feels like adding me, my user is ' hannahrose.' :)

marandamack03 Maranda Mack, gotta love skype and nerding it up with people <3 Just hit me up with a good old DFTBA message and i'm sure our awesome conversations can begin


Hi, Mine is Amylouisebedster :) 


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