Even though most people have posted comments with there skype names i think we should make a discussion to put them all in. Post your skype name here and then look for people mentioning DFTBA! There is a nerdfighters skype chat group sort of that a lot of people are a part of. Add me if you want to 


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I'll stick mine down again. Mention nerdfighting, please? :P


megan.scott52 just mention DFTBA of nerdfighters

If anyone feels like adding me, my user is ' hannahrose.' :)

marandamack03 Maranda Mack, gotta love skype and nerding it up with people <3 Just hit me up with a good old DFTBA message and i'm sure our awesome conversations can begin


Hi, Mine is Amylouisebedster :) 


So... I am German (and sound like the guy at 0:22: :D), male and I recently turned 15.

I like science, especially math, (quantum )physics and chemistry. I am also interested in programming, but am not very good at it.

I feel like I belong to a handful of people in the world who are interested in ludology [the study of games] (it's so insignificant, not even Google Chrome's built-in spell check recognizes it :/) (I am currently trying to set up a game wiki, invent a standard model-related card game and make a khanacademy-style YouTube channel about games (but instead, I'm writing this... whatever)).

Oh, and I also find puns improbably funny (Mules Are So Half Ass = best song ever :D).

I'm ms.chameleoncircuit. Don't judge


Youtube Links!

Here are some YT links to channels related to Nerdfighteria and educational content!

*Can you think of any more? Pass along any suggestions to an Admin who will then add it to this list should it fit!

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