Even though most people have posted comments with there skype names i think we should make a discussion to put them all in. Post your skype name here and then look for people mentioning DFTBA! There is a nerdfighters skype chat group sort of that a lot of people are a part of. Add me if you want to 


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I'm adding all of you tomorrow, whether you like me, don't know me, or just find me weird. If you add me first I give you a prize! :D


Melissah975  - and cookies go to anyone who can figure out the significance of the numbers :)

Answer this question and I'll add you (just so I know you're actually a nerdfighter and not some random person on the internet): What is the name of John's dog?



Mention DFTBA or anything nerdy, or even leave a message saying "hey, nerd."

I live in the Midwest, btw.


thisisdirtywork - as per usual, mention something Nerdfighter-esque!

alriffraff (just tell me you're a nerdfighter!) 


(the one in Pamplona, Spain)


just say anything that will let me know you're a nerdfighter! :) 

Pearadventures ;D I'm 16 and live in the UK. Just explain you're a nerdfighter and I shall add you if not I'll ask you something vlogbrothers related ;D

my skype username is lyssterine.c

I kinda want to make some friends, so if you'd like a new skype friend, lemme know :D

and yes, just say something nerdfighter-ish so I know you're on my side


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