Do people think you're older or younger than you really are?

I get that a lot...and I kinda hate it... People always think I'm older than I am, but I'm only 13 :)
what about you?

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For some reason people can always tell I'm 12.
Except for when I'm on the internet and they can't see me, of course.
They usually assume I'm much older than I really am.

Me too! In real life, nobody doubts that I'm 13, but online everybody always thinks I'm much older. They never believe that I'm 13!

I'm 12.
And I get 13 all the time...
the other day a person though i was 23. another though i was 16. I'm 14 PEOPLE!! but usually they never mistake me for younger. just older. much much older. lol
lol same with me , its so weird
people always think I'm thirteen -_- I'm actually fifteen.
me too!
People always think that I'm much younger than my actually
age because I'm shorter than most people my age
I'm 13 5'9" and when I go to the bookstore to see what they've got I always get told "the college section is on the other side of the building sir". So annoying.
I'm in year 7 (well,8 really,but this all happend in year 7) a year 9 thought I was in year 8 (though that might be because I have a friend who is in his year & form who I am with a lot and he is like 5'2") and a year 8 thought I was in year 9 (because I knew the 5'2" guy mentioned in oucrestra (?) and I know the year 8 though oucrestra to) and I think thats it.

So really I have Alex to thank (or blame) for all this.
Last year when I was a Freshman, my band teacher thought I was a Junior! I don't know how he found out I wasn't but it was weird... I don't act very mature at all.
People ALWAYS think I'm older than I actually am. I'm 13 and they think I'm like 16 or so. One time when I was talking one of my best friends commented on how I always acted, looked, and talked like someone wayyyyy older.


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