Do people think you're older or younger than you really are?

I get that a lot...and I kinda hate it... People always think I'm older than I am, but I'm only 13 :)
what about you?

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People always think I'm older than I am. When I was twelve, I was mistaken for fourteen. One of my best friends is fifteen, and she thought I was her age when we first met—I was thirteen at the time. And I've been mistaken for college-aged more than once. I've even been asked, "So are you working, or still in school?"

Yep. I'm fourteen, people. Fourteen.

I'm fourteen, but when my dad took me to a concert last month I got carded.

Everybody thinks that im like 18... im 13 people!!!!!!!

A person on the interwebs guessed my age to be "16 through 21, maybe 23...but that seems to be stretching it."  I'm 13. XD 

In real life, I'm abnormally taller than the average teenager.  Since my sister is in college now and my mom loves to gush about it, I'm constantly asked " what's your major?  What college?"  It amuses me to no end.

im 13, people think I'm 8-11 because of my hight... 

YEAH, they rarely do

sometimes they think I'm 17, I'm only 14 :-I 

I'm 15 in about a week but I got mistaken for 17 by a bunch of 16 year olds. It was fun trying to explain that I was actually younger than them.

the ages i usually get mistaken for are as follows: 20, 19, 18,17,16,15 but no one ever suspects my actual age 14!!!!

On the internet people think i'm 16. I'm actually 13. In real life people think i'm 11.

I'm 15, but sometimes I get confused for a 16 year old, because of my height. I hate my height.

I'm 14, and my sister is 17. People ask us who the older one is a lot, haha.

im 14, and people have mistaken me for 15-21


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