So, i'm getting my first pair of pointe shoes over the Winter break, and i was wondering:
What is your worst/best pointe shoe story? Or any dance shoe story for that matter?

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My dog ate my character shoes once! Like right before a show and I had to break in a brand new pair in one day.
At the last NZ nationals the heel on my partners high heeled dance shoe snapped off at the very beginning of the quickstep. We kept going the entire time and made it to the next round.

Up until last Christmas, my dance shoes were a little... um, well...


...a pair of old marching band shoes wrapped in duct tape to give them a dancing surface.


I called them "student edition dance shoes".  I have real dance shoes now.

When i was in Nutcracker i was Chinese so they spray painted our pointe shoes red with gold glitter. Unfortunately, the wetness from the paint caused our pointe shoes to shrink rather badly. We still had to dance on them in 4 shows! That hurt like hell.

One time, My pointe shoe fell off on stage!! advice for those who are beginners on pointe (I've been on pointe for 4 years), WEAR BOTH YOUR RIBBONS AND ELASTICS. I was only wearing ribbons........


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