Anyone know or reccomend any good songs to use for a lyrical or maybe modern solo? I usually prefer darker pieces but I'm open to new ideas.

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listen by charice from glee.  I love this song

Gravity by Sara Barielles or however you spell her last name. It's a nice one. Glitter in the air is also a cool one. I am not really one for darker pieces with my music though. Those are two of my favorites.

Don't know if any of these really constitute as dark but here are some songs I love to dance to:

Preparedness by The Bird & The Bee

Eye On Fire by Blue Foundation

Before it Breaks by Brandi Carlisle

Bright Bright Bright by Dark Dark Dark (dark enough for you lol? Sorry lame pun)

Notice by Gomez

Thistled Spring by Horse Feathers (so beautiful!!)

Fools in Love by Inara George

My Philosophy by Inner

The Weakness In Me by Joan Armatrading

Ballerina by Leona Naess

Possibility by Lykke Li

Sorry by Maria Mena

Your Glasses by Maria Mena

Don't Go by Rae Morris

Walls by Rae Morris

Hero by Regina Spektor

Call It Off by Tegan & Sara

Fast Car by Tracy Chapman

The Letter by Xavier Rudd

Damn, okay I just zoomed through my iTunes looking for songs so sorry if I got carried away!

Hope you find something you like :)

Angel by Sarah McLaughlin
And clubbed to death by escala. My modern class used that song! :)


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