Personally, I started actually getting into dance this year...woot, first year! (Contemporary/Lyrical/Jazz classes are so flippin cool)

Just curious so...
How many years have you been dancing and what kind??

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I think I started dancing when I was something like four or five. At first it was ballet but the ballet teacher was so mean that after pleading with my parents for several years I was allowed to quit ballet and move on to tap dance. And then I took up Irish dancing 2½ years ago. :) I did this Bollywood dance course one summer and I would really like to learn classical Indian dancing, but I don't think they teach it where I live...
I love watching people tap dance, and I would love to learn how. I might take a class next year...
I took ballet when I was little, then for some reason quit. So I'm sort of starting over.
I think I started getting into dancing when I was about 9. I always learned the dances to music videos (And if you asked me to reenact some of these dances, odds are that I could remember 50% of them.)
But I didn't actually start dancing in front of people until I joined color guard my 11th grade year (about four years ago.)

I want to join a dance school or something, but I don't have the money or the transportation quite yet to do so.
I was 4 years old when I started dancing :D I've been doing Tap Dance, Modern Dance, and street/disco dance for about 11 years, did ballet a couple years when i was younger, and cheerleading 3 years i think, though i recently quit it...

so yeah :D i love dance!
Well, when I was 2 I started Ballet for the first time, I've done everything from Jazz-Pop to Flamenco to Square Dancing, I also used to go to a "dance club" that was simply just for dancing, nothing else. Otherwise, I just dance whenever I here music :DFTBA!
I started dancing at home with my sister at about four, but I started taking classes when I was six,I danced classic ballet and still do.After the summer I'm planning to start take more classes like tapping and jazz
I took pre-school ballet/tap, but then i stopped until 3rd grade. Since then I've taken ballet, jazz, and musical theater.
I've been doing modern dance since I was three, and I've had some musical theatre, ballet, jazz, and a tiny bit of tap mixed in with it.
I started when I was in first grade, and now I'm seventeen. I started out with ballet and tap, and in fourth grade I added hip hop and jazz. I was in hip hop for a year, quit, and started up again. For the past couple years I've only been doing lyrical and hip hop, but next year I'm quitting hip hop and starting tap and jazz again.

I started this website yestersay, but I figured I should amke my first post on the thing that matters most  in the world to me and taht is dance, to answer your question I have been dancing since I was 3 years old, and I am 15 now. I do ballet, jazz, hip hop,, and pointe everyday except fridays and sundays

I've been dancing for 11 years. I'm 14 years old.

When I first started, I did little kid stuff, mostly ballet and fun jazz stuff.

Later on I started doing modern dance. I've done some hip hop and tap as well. About two years ago I was introduced to pointe and I LOVE IT.

I started swing dancing three years ago (any other swingers here?) shortly after starting college.  And since I was President of my school's Swing Club, I've been teaching it for two years.  I do mostly Lindy Hop & Charleston, with a little Blues, and a very little Balboa and West Coast.  Last year I went to one swing festival, and this year I went to THREE!  And we're planning on competing in one this coming spring.

I've also taken a couple of Argentine Tango classes, and I know some Ballroom Tango, Waltz, and very little Salsa and Cha-Cha, and Foxtrot.


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