So I just figured I'd get things started on here with a discussion we'd all have something to say about.

Tell us! What are your favorite types of dances to do and/or watch?

Personally, I'm not a very strong dancer, but I like jazz the most, I think. How about you?

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I like Spanish and tap, which are tied for my first place. In a respectable second comes ballet. Somewhere in there is ballroom dancing, too, which I really enjoy, though I haven't really done it in years... I LOVE swing-dancing. God, I love swing.

It's like asking a lexicographer what their favorite word is. There are just too many!

Oh, and I like to DO all of these dances I mentioned. I like to watch them all, too, but doing them makes me so happy!!
Swing dancing is the best!!

I went to a Lindy Exchange in Atlanta GA, the theme was "Dance Nerdy with me." I wore my DFTBA shirt and my Nerd Fighters t and no one recognized it. I was so bummed. Does anyone dance in Houston?
Yes! Where do you dance? I go to TUTS and sometimes HB and the Met.
Swing is the next best thing to ballet. I just learned swing at a summer camp and was hooked!
I'm not a very strong dancer either but I love doing it.
My favorite would be jazz as well, with Hip-hop as a close second. Then modern (I've never taken it though, I've wanted to) tied with lyrical.
I only do ballroom and I've only taken ballroom one and two through my county so I'm not amazing (didn't help that I had to wear flats and my partner was still like 5 inches shorter than me. And like 10 years older- he was trying to pick up chicks haha) I haven't taken a class since last fall because I can't find any classes nearby that are particularly convenient but I really like it.

As for types of dance I like to watch, I love almost any kind of dance. So You Think You Can Dance is my summer show, I never miss it. They did one dance last season and I think they called it lyrical hip-hop and it was pretty much amazing. Dancing With the Stars, not so much. Too hokey some... actually most of the time. And Bruno is a total creeper.
isn't bruno scary!!!???!?!?! I've never watched a full episode, but from what i've seen... ugh
HAHAHA aww but Bruno's hilarious! xD
I like to do contra dancing, which is really fun, i've tried swing and some others, and im thinking of taking a salsa class this summer
Bollywood is soo crazy awesome! I don't think I'd ever want to attempt it but I loooove watching it! I don't know why, I just really really like it.
I would so love to do this! :D
I love to watch practically everything, but I love to dance ballet most. After that are flamenco and jazz tied for second, tap for third (or would it be forth?) russian character. I love to watch modern and hip-hop, but I'm simply dreadful at them.


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