So I just figured I'd get things started on here with a discussion we'd all have something to say about.

Tell us! What are your favorite types of dances to do and/or watch?

Personally, I'm not a very strong dancer, but I like jazz the most, I think. How about you?

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I started out a modern dancer, then I fell in love with lyrical.
Im not a good dancer- but i love hiphop, street, and breakdance
Out of the one's I do, Ballet and Hip-hop. One would love to learn Tap.
My favorite to do and watch is modern. <3 :) My second favorite to do is jazz based musical theatre and my second favorite to watch is either ballet or breakdancing........? O.o Maybe.
Ballet and jazz! I love to dance on pointe.
I'm in love with Hip Hop and Contemporary! I just started both a couple of years ago and they're my favorites. :)
Lyrical. By far. I can get very expressive and involved in my lyrical dances, sometimes to the point of not noticing anyone else. My main instructor told me that this year (my class danced to "Cry Me a River" by Michael Buble) was possibly my best year in terms of my dancing, mostly lyrical. I love the pretty costumes the amazing feeling I get after I finish a lyrical dance. I think I just love the expression and stretching the most.

It used to be classical ballet, because that's all I did. I loved the routine of the classes a the discipline. I did ballet for 15 years, then I moved to Singapore and quit dancing to focus on music.

In Singapore, it didn't take me long to figure out that I missed dancing (my neighbors who lived in the condo below us kept complaining about the "thumping".) So I joined the school dance program, which was entirely based on choreography and dance theory surrounding contemporary dance.

Now, I love contemporary because I feel like there are no limitations on what I can or can't do with my movements: I can borrow from every style of dance I know, or come up with my own style. I can express something, or nothing at all. It is so freeing.

I am going to college to study music, so I won't be dancing as much, which makes me sad. 

Judging from my profile picture, clogging. It's a mixture of Tap and Irish softshoe, yet entirely different. Like, it's mostly done flat-footed, and instead of one tap on the toe and sole, like tap shoes, there's an extra tap on each of them that clicks together every time you step. And you usually start on your left foot, not your right. :)

VVV Here's a link to some awesome cloggers, the Southern Belles VVV

Clogging ♥♥♥

i like modern and lyrical, though its a tough choice

I love ballet the most. I adore jazz, modern, lyrical, and contemporary, but ballet is my fav!! I've been in ballet for 9 years!!


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