I make up replacement phrases and words to substitute for swearing. I tend to get some weird looks, but it works. :D


Some of my favorites are Cheese and Crackers, Shut the front door, son of a cracker (and I mean the editable cracker. People these days think im insulting white people when i say that, so i'm letting go of that one....) Popsicle, Fudge, random words of nothingness that mean


What does everyone else out there say? Might give me some more ideas, but I will give you credit if I use it! :D

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i am fond of poop, rats, frak (thanks bsg) and dammit.
"Cheese and rice!" instead of "Jesus Christ!"
"oh snap!"
"darned (classic...)"
"AW SHUCKS! >;p"
"oh shiznits."
the previous one was my fave...
omg, my mom just told me about that cheese and rice phrase. I think I'm going to start using it. And I like yr fudge the bucket. Thats pretty funny :P
Turtle Sauce
Snot Waffles

I like to make up nonsense words.


Holy Schnitzel

Leaping Lilliputians


Leder Schneder

Carby(Example: That movie is so carby!)

Whenever I am mad at someone I call them a Marius or Thenardier. Whenever I'm mad at my laptop I call her Cosette. Whenever I'm happy with my laptop I call her <3Enjolras<3 or Eponine.

instead of the f-word i say "fuel economy"

as in what the feul economy (wtfe)

oh my fuel economical gosh (omfeg)

fuel economize you!

fuel economize the world (fetw)

its pretty awesome. all of my friendsuse it now! so shoud you! and you! and all you nerdfighters!

that is pretty feul economically awesome. lol!

one of my faves is cheese

I'm trying to get out of the habit of saying things that aren't necessarily cuss words, but are not very pleasing, if you know what I mean. I have taken a liking to "crumbs" and "strawberries" and "cows!!!" or whatever pops into my head.

Muffins, crud muffins, poop, Nnoitora (from Bleach), ponyfeathers, mushrooms (rather than shiitake mushrooms), more random words that nobody understands...Once when there was an earthquake my friend and I kept saying, "HOLY BEDSHEET!" over and over.

I say poop instead of almost all swear words, but i have to say cheese and crackers seems like the best replacement swear ever!


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