Simple enough. 

I like being onstage only on certain occasions, like when I'm singing and dancing and just having fun - with the possibility of making a fool of myself in the process (where's the fun if I didn't?). 

My real trade though is backstage. I absolutely love being part of the process and the build of the show. I definitely know that I don't belong in a carp shop (if you ask me to build something simple, I'll do it but I won't enjoy it). I find my muse in stage management and lighting. It's just something so wonderfully beautiful! 

Which do you all prefer? 

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I really like being on the stage. The precision of the lines and the stage directions and the timing... it's all so fun to work out. And hanging oit with the other cast is so fun

I like both equally.

I like both, but I just got to be in charge of the backstage club at my school, which is AWESOME! :D

I love being backstage, helping out and making the onstage experience as awesome for others as it always is for me...but to me there is nothing better than completely losing yourself in a character onstage and making people believe the story you are telling. And I don't even realise how much I'm enjoying acting onstage until I'm offstage because I'm so into it that I have no thought processes that are my own. I think, feel, and act just as the person I'm portraying would.

I completely agree with everything you said with one change: with the building: I'll do it, but i'll do it badly and ask 500 questions. 

Also, i love lighting but not designing...

and I like helping out backstage.

but i do like being onstage sometimes!

On stage!!! Being on stage is what I live for! :) I've done a bit of backstage stuff before, and while it is fun, I have to admit that I'm not very good at it... one time I accidentally started a song at the wrong time, yeah, not good. But this year for our school play I was in charge of designing the set, and I thought I wouldn't really like it, but I actually loved it.

I love acting and singing, so if it's a small stage I don't mind being onstage, but in the end I'm more for the behind-the-scenes-compartments. Mainly costumes and props, but I've also always enjoyed assisting the director. And back in the days, when I was really involved in theaters or last year, when I worked in a theater, I was one of those who were just always there, so I became the helping hand for everyone - and I loved it!

Backstage all the way! 

i was the Grandma in Lost in Yonkers once and i do love acting a lot... but i feel so at home in the stage crew:) to the point where I'm head of all set construction, I'm deck captain backstage and I'm president of the club... we're not "touchy-feely" people back there, but we're a family, and i love it 


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