If you could choose a show and a role, what would it be?

For me, a teenage soprano with red hair, I'd LOVE to play Ariel from The Little Mermaid. I'd also forever charish playing Natalie from All Shook Up. I LOVE that show and I LOVE that character. She'd be SO FUN to play!

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Saint Jimmy from American Idiot and/or Mark Cohen from RENT.  Actually, anyone from RENT.  Even if I have no lines at all, I wanna be in RENT :P

I'm not an actor but if I were I would want to be in RENT too. I also dream of being able to direct and production of Hedwig one day.

Lady Macbeth or Reno Sweeney.

Roxanne, in Cyrano. Or Rosalind in As You Like It. Or Belle in Beauty and the Beast. :) OH, or the daughter in Next To Normal, I can't remember the part's name at the moment but I'm a little obsessed with that show.

Natalie! Holy crap I am with you on that one.

Thanks!!!  I felt so weird, it was on the tip of my tongue and I kept going to Jennifer, but that's who PLAYED it.  Rrrrrgh, I hate forgetting names!!!

Agreed with Natalie. I actually am Natalie, so I just need to actually do the show then I'll be good :)

King Lear. Crazy, royal, dies. What more could I ask?

Either the Major-General from Pirates of Penzance or Sir Joseph Porter from HMS Pinafore



OMG I wanna be Draco so much! And Mrs. Lovett, yes. ^.^

Musical-wise, I would probably say Roxie from Chicago or Pirate Jenny from Threepenny Opera. for reference if you've never seen it.

Straight plays...Katharina from Taming of the Shrew, because I was named for that show. Harper from Angels in America. The daughter in Six Characters in Search of an Author. Either of the girls in No Exit. 


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