I was just wondering what you're favorite plays and/or musicals are?

my favorite musical or play is Hairspray

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I wouldblike to add CATS sweeney todd and avpm

Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, and Wicked!!!!!!!!!!!

I would have to say Rent was amazing to me. Most of the people I know really hate it because they think it was "too much". I think it was perfect. I love how it dared to touch on so many subject. My theatre teacher, the drama club, and I really want to do Rent, Jr. but, of course, we can't. We had to fight to do Hairspray. Too much controversy.

But I love Once on this Island...not just because we did it this year (and--My first lead role!--I was cast as Mama Euralie), but because after looking at it from so many angles, it has found its way into my heart. I love the little love story...and I'm glad that finally there wasn't a happy ever after...even though, technically, there was. It was a different kind of happy ever after.


But honestly, I think that even the worst play I've ever read can easily become my favorite based on a beautiful performance given. And I think my favorite play could swiftly become my least favorite because of lack of effort on the cast and crew's part.

So, honestly, my favorites are forever changing. It's always up to the people who make the production to mold the audience's opinion of the finished product.

Sorry to be creeping on a post from half a year ago, but I LOVE RENT AND ONCE ON THIS ISLAND TOO

I was just in a production of OOTI (as a storyteller, woo) and I loved the message of the show. The music is infectious and I also just have a lot of great memories from the show. For example, once, we were all just sitting in a big group, going around and talking about why our characters were telling the story. :D it was just our way of figuring out how to connect to the story and make it REAL and it was so cool to do.

Just...wanted to share that. XD

That's all.

Wicked. Saw it last year @ the Orpheum with my mom and I absolutely loved it. Also Les Mis.

Sweeney Todd, definitely Sweeney Todd.

My favourite play is The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams. I absolutely love Williams' play and find him to be such a beautiful playwright who knows how to pull on my heartstrings just the right way. What I love about Glass Menagerie is that every single character is tragically beautiful in their own special way and how there are so many little things that have so much meaning (such as the rainbow scarf and the glass animal figurines). Talking about Tennessee Williams just riles me up! 

My favourite musical is Next To Normal. Not as mainstream as other ones, but agan, tragically beautiful (do I see a pattern here?). It's kinda like one big soap opera...With some freakin' amazing music. I would definitely look it up for anyone who is a fan of great drama and passion.... But lately I've been on a Green Day's American Idiot fix, since I just saw it last week and a In The Heights fix since we're performing a medley in my school's Show Choir. 

I absolutely love Newsies (I recently saw it on Broadway and it's stunning).

I also have a deep love for Les Miserables.

Plays: Romeo and Juliet and Our Town

Musical: ... I can't. But Next to Normal and Spring Awakening are up there. But AH DON'T MAKE ME PICK. 

I saw the Sping Awakening too! But I prefer the text over the musical though. What was your favourite part? Maybe I'll give the musical another try :)

Play: Titus Andronicus

Musical: Avenue Q

I love Mozart - the Rockmusical by Silvester Levay and Michael Kunze. It tells the life of Mozart and has everything you'd wish for in a musical. The texts are awesome, the music is awesome and hell, did I love that dreadlocked Mozart!

This year I saw the most amazing production of "Das weite Land" or "The Vast Domain" by Arthur Schnitzler. It used shadows, light and music very cleverly to set an often uncomfortable and sometimes even threatening atmosphere. It had splendid actors too. I could watch it over and over again.


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