do you guys network? Facebook? twitter? myspace? aim? Msn? what?

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yes..well, i do... awkward =_=
I have all of the above but I normally find my self on tumblr. I love it over there.
Twitter (barely)
i have all but facebook, but i only really use msn, with twitter (just BARELY)
I have completely given in to social networking site and have joined all of the above. Sad... I know.
I have a twitter - to follow bands and stuff. They seem to update on there before their websites/myspace.
I don't have a myspace, facebook, or msn. (They take away from school work. Sad, but true.)
I make a facebook for the summer and then delete it for the school year. :)
I have AIM - but I've always had AIM. I don't use it anymore though.

I delete this every so often and remake a new one.
I'm not one for social networking.
I can't stand Facebook and myspace. The only thing I use is msn.
i skype...and i have msn, got rid of facebook (duration pending) and yeah...*awkward silence*
i have all but myspace :D


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