I'm a high school junior, I'm really struggling with algebra II right now and I'm almost failing the class. If anyone has any help or suggestions to offer me, it would like to hear it. I don't want to repeat the class again.

I'm not much of a math person, so it is really hard for me to learn.

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Rational functions, radical functions, and conic sections

I just learned those a few months ago, I'd be happy to help you.  Do you need help with specific problems or just a general overview of what to do?

Probably a general overview, if I can understand the concept I can get it.
Thankyou it's really helped alot.

I'd also reccomend Purple Math, it's really helped me through my problems in Algebra.


Sorry that I haven't been more help, I've been horribly busy :S

It's okay I haven't really been on either. Sorry x_x

Hi Livy!

What do you need Help with?  I took Algebra 2H this year So I might be able to help you :)


Hi do u still need help? i  took algebra 2 this year and I am muchhhh better at the 2nd half of the year.


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