Hey! My name is Sherene and I am 16. I am going to be a senior in HS and my dream is to write video games and compose. I don't really know what colleges or anything I should apply to. Also, does anyone have tips for starting this? How to do it etc?

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I did mean the storyline. And compose the music yes. Well, if you meet anyone who wants to collaborate with me, let me know! Collab in what way though? Like, I write the story and they write the game and I write the music?

As stated below, video games cover a hug area.

  • Writing (English) ;
  • Programming (Computer Science, with physics & geometry for the motion)
  • Music (for the soundtrack)
  • Animation
  • Art (to get to the animation)
  • Economics & Finance (to create your own video game company)

The place to start (for free) -- Linux & Blender


I do concept art, storyboarding, and animations for videogames, and I second Cyborg Alpha's post. I would make a caveat that no matter what you want to do in videogames, you should learn some programming. In the same way that if you want to do physics, you have to know math; if you want to work in games, you have to understand computers. Aside from that, study psychology, sociology, and history as much as you can. Not only will that make you a more informed person in general, but writing for videogames is an extremely new art, so it's hard to study directly or teach with any authority. Having a broad base of knowledge of humans and culture will make you adaptable and relevant no matter where the industry is headed. (Also, if you don't, go watch ExtraCredits at, they are very smart about videogames and storytelling.)


Youtube Links!

Here are some YT links to channels related to Nerdfighteria and educational content!

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