Just signed up for college classes even tho I don't start til August I got placed in Intro to statistics. 

I think I may die.

If anyone can give me some help before hand so I have some idea going in I'd appreciate it. 

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This is a good way to get started. Stats really aren't too bad once you take the calculations and formulas out and just focus on the concepts. Understanding what a z-score is, what the standard deviation means, what the quartiles are. Once you can answer those, the rest falls into place pretty easily.

Good luck! And don't stress about intro classes, as long as you keep a good work ethic it all falls into place pretty easily.

This might be helpful But that's probably on an easier level than your actual course. You could also check out classes at but some of them have already started and are finishing soon. Udacity is a lot more flexible as long as you finish the course by August 26th. If you're interested you can join the nerdfighter team for other people taking Udacity


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