Hey, so I know a lot of the talk on here is about mathematics, and physics, and the sciences and all, but I for one would like to find tutors / mentors who'd be willing to lend their assistance in the world languages.

French, German, Latin, Japanese, Italian, English, SPANISH. Students today are taking all sorts of languages, and I think this an area that demands a lot of help, due to the fact that you can't always memorize formulas for a language. Language learning it's a very complex and involved subject.

Anyone who needs help, wants a tutor, wants a penpal or is interested in lending thier assistance, post your language, level, and what you need /can offer. Don't forget contact info, and maybe posting your age, if your comfortable with that.

Again, my name's Lydia, I'm fourteen, and I'm in spanish four. I'd like to help, if anyone needs it (you can reach me at, since I'm not on here all the time). I'd also like to have someone I can write to, maybe just talk nothing, in spanish, of course. I think that being able to talk with someone, not matter their level, will help both of us get a better grasp of the language.

Gracias, y si tu necesitas mas, escribe tu requisto ;D

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I'd love to! Contact me at :D
I've taken 6 years of Spanish and 5 of French, and I've taken GCSEs and A-levels in both. Got As and A*s. If anyone's preparing for their GCSEs, I'd be happy to help.
I teach English as a foreign language for anyone who needs help at any level, whether you need help with editing college-level papers or just want a pen-pal, I'd love to help.
I'm in 300 level French at college, and have been studying it for 8 years. Let me know if you need help/want help with any basic level French. Also, if anyone is interested in speaking French with me, please let me know - whether you're more advanced than me or not, it would be good practice.
I'm brazilian, so portuguese is my native language. I like to think I'm fluent enough in English, but now I'm learning French and I would really like someone I can practice with.

Another brazilian here, so I can surely help you with portuguese and spanish (which is pretty similar).
It would also be a great idea if someone could help me with italian. Or if you just want to practice english, it's OK too.
Ah, the internet, which allows us to offer our skills for free...

I can speak German conversationally and my mum is from Germany (aka, fluent) so I can help anyone with that.

And I'm in Spanish 4, if anyone needs help with Spanish.

Can anyone help me conjugate the spanish verb decir as an informal command?  

Would it be diga and no digas?  


digas - as in 'no me digas!' means sort of "no waaay!'

and yeah diga would be formal. and digan would be plural

thank you!

My Irish could use a LOT of work (and my Leaving Cert. oral is coming up next week) so I could really use the help if you'd be willing!

I'm OK at French, but you might want someone who really knows their stuff xD But I could try speak that with you. Better at that then Irish :P

Will help with beginning transliteration and general translating of English to American Sign Language (beginners) if anyone is interested or needs a little help. And will offer tips to learning and studying for ASL. Will also share websites and such that will help. Contact if interested. :) True Business.


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