This could probably be a big list for me so er idk

Maths I play cornet

Music- most but not realy rap r'n'b hiphop or anythig autotuned

Books, mainly pop sci and math *hides from onslaught*, but like lots, don't get enough time to read

I'll keep it that concise for now

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Classics, the English language, grammar, new/social media, politics, history

uhm i don't really know what i would like to talk about. i would probably explain my highschool situation (which has kinda just started). my failings of writing novellas.. and yeah. typical nerdy stuff. kinda sorta. 8)


EDIT oh i'm interested in indie and/or alternative music, art, i like painting, writing, the interweb, astronomy, psycology, and cute british youtube guys. XD sorry about the fan girl explosion.

I would love to meet new people with simular interest :)

I love music(I play flute and REALLY wanna learn guitar)

I possibly wanna start writing alitte :)

music- I like the police, some queen, some country, and recently started loving kina grannis(after seeing her in p4a live show)

books-I plan on reading hp soon. I wish I could read a lot more than I do.

I hate to say that I would only be able to communicate(like emails nd such) through the ning, but I love the idea of this group : )


So, here we list what we're interested in?

Ok, well, I love video games, (especially Nintendo), so anyone who likes Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Pokemon, etc., would probably get along with me.

I also love reading and writing! I like the Harry Potter series, the Percy Jackson series, and a few other ones. And I've read Paper Towns and Will Grayson, Will Grayson, and I love talking to people about books and writing and such :D I also plan to read the Hunger Games sometime in 2011, because it sounds pretty interesting! I also love to write stuff, though usually I end up scrapping most of my ideas...

I really like to play Chess, even though I majorly suck at it...

I love music, especially DFTBA artists, like Alex Day and Charlie McDonnell and Hank and Alan Lastufka. But on occasion I listen to other stuff.

I love YouTube!! I watch YouTube all the time! My favorites on YouTube are Rhett&Link, the vlogbrothers (obviously), Charlie McDonnell, Alex Day, WheezyWaiter, and several more!

I like nerdy stuff in general, so I could just talk to someone about nerdy stuff and etc all the time xD

I've also recently started watching Doctor Who, and it's like the only TV show that I watch. I've only seen about ten episodes, but I like what I've seen so far!

But yeah, I don't really know what else to say about me xP I like to play the kazoo, if anyone cares? haha

Hey want to be nerdpals? unless you already have one.

So, about me:

I'm at uni doing Biochem (so I suppose science would be a reluctant interest for me :D).

I love reading, although I don't do it as much as I'd like now that there is revision to be done. I'm currently reading 'Beautiful Darkness' by Garcia and Stohl, I adore the Harry Potter books and anything involving them, I'm a Twilight fan (I know, sorry), Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Bronte's a big list, but at the moment I'm mainly into reading Fantasy. I've tried writing novels but I tend to only write the exciting bits and can't be bothered to fill the rest in. I am on Figment though!

I'm a HUGE TV/Film fan, specifically Dr Who and Merlin, although I am very fickle and my favourites change so easily. Hopefully, if I'm very very lucky, I'll work in TV one day :D

Music: Indie, Trock, anything really. I'm teaching myself ukulele at the moment too.

Love YouTube too, I'm (hopefully) starting a vlog in the new year. I have unfortunate fangirlishness most of the time. And that's me!




Hi Ellen, do you want to be nerdpals with me? Just let me know! Oh, and if you want to find out a bunch of stuff that I'm interested in, just check out my profile on here.  =)

My name is Jefferson and I am a Youtuber and have been a nerdfighter since I learned about it (this year, sadly).  I like writing, anything computer-related, and 80's music (and some earlier stuff too).  I started playing trumpet since 4th grade, and I am now in 10th in an early college high school thing.  I also have a ukulele, a mandolin, a guitar, and a keyboard which I play sometimes as well.


And I am obsessed with Doctor Who.

I'm Alex!!!

About me:
I LOVE writing. Wrote my first novel in the ninth grade and writing more. :D I also like learning about weird diseases and somehow integrating them into my stories.

I also wish I could play ukulele thanks to Charlie McDonnell. And the guitar as well.

I don't really watch tv but I'll always watch Dr Who!!!!!!!

Tons of books I want to read like the Hunger Game series (I've only read the first book). Dying to read Looking for Alaska and Paper Town.

YouTube is becoming my greatest obsession along with Tumblr and facebook.

As for music I like indie/alternative, death core, dance. I listen to plenty except country and hip hop/rap.

I guess that's it for now. :)

Oh! I'm also an extreme anglophile!!! Haha.

Hey! You sound awesome.

also, I thought it would be cool to have a penpal with the same name.

What do you think?

I would be honoured to have you as a pen pal. haha.

Oh, and I'm studying anatomy and physiology this semester. 

Gryffindor over here. And I think it's really cool that we both want to live in England. 

Sweet. well.

my email is

if you want to do real letters to I'll just give you my address in an email.



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