Mine is a 21-speed mountain bike right now, though it is often shaped like the back panel of my locker!



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mine currently looks like a Easter Islland Head
My previous one was actually a wardrobe, though now I use a retro car.
Mine is a tent in the woods.. it looks like its for 1 person.. BUT YOU CAN FIT 10! ºOº
Mine is currently my closet.  There's even a portal to Knarnia, but that's an insiders' joke.  Soon (read: in a few years) it'll be my whole apartment, but there are a lot of things that need to happen before that can happen.  And it's not called TARDIS, it's called SIDRAT.  Which stands for something, but the notebook in which I wrote it down is currently at my parents' house and I am not.  So I can't remember what it is.
My TARDIS has no form, I just close my eyes and think of my TARDIS and open my eyes again Im there....never have to remember where i parked it. And if i pick someone up i just hold their hand and they go with me :D
I'm going old [and new] school. Mine looks like a police box.
my Tardis at the moment are my all black converse shoes. they can take me anywhere. : )


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