I finally got a new video camera and I want to start making videos again. I think it would be fun to do a collab with people, and who better to do a collab with then Nerdfighters. If anyone is interested, let me know and we can brain storm so ideas. I dont care how much experience you have, Im just looking for some people to have fun and make videos with. Let me know :)

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I'll join in.

What kind of videos? Like, what about? My last collab sort of fizzled out.

I'll join in :)

Sounds fun :) what kind of stuff would it be about??

Idk what about yet. I'm looking for people to join in and hash out what about. It would be somethong everyome involveed would have a say in.

I am definitely interested, if you wanna check out my stuff my channel is, i haven't made vids for a while but i am keen to get back into it. I might be making a brand new channel and starting off fresh soon though.

Sounds fun 

I am interested ..... I am in Australia thats all

I'd be interested :3

I'm australian, but i'm willing :3
It'd be good exposure for my lame channel too :P
But i've always wanted to do something like this :)

I dont care where people are, but I think it would be cool to have people from all around. To get different views on diffent subjects. What you think?

I'm still willing :3

I like it, I'd really love to do it


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