Since it's coming up to the end of another year. I'm wondering how many people out there are going to try and do a vlog post every day for the whole of next year. People have tried and succeeded in the past and I'm hoping to do it for 2012.

I was just wondering if anyone else was thinking about taking on the same project. If YOU are thinking about doing this reply to this thread, I'm thinking of setting up a website to promote every youtuber who is going to attempt the feat. If enough people are interested I'll set up the website and promote everyone's channel.

Don't forget to leave your channel names, also any ideas for the name of this project/website?

Latest Update. is up. If you want to start just let me know your channel name and we're all set. Of course it doesn't officially start until the 1st. I've started practicing already.

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I think I can try it.

Don't forget to let my know the names of your channels before the 1st of January!

i did veda but im not sure if i could vlog everyday for a year i could try but i would have to create a new account ill need to think about it

i've decided im up for the task of trying to do this ill create an alt account soonish


I guess I could attempt it, but I can't say for certain at the moment :)

mrdonehead :D


I have difficulties making video's every 2 weeks. *snort*

i am. i vlog once a week, and often find myself with good ideas for vlogs on different days, and forget about them before my day arrives (i'm part of a collab channel).

i probably won't last a whole year, but i'm gonna try, at least for a couple of weeks.

Cool y'all. I'm working on some back end coding for the website. It's starting to look really good. Once we agree on a name I should be able to put up a test site in a few days. Let me know if there are any features you would like to see on it.

I think it would be cool if there was a tab that contained a list of the vloggers, their YT pictures, link, and description.

Kinda similar to what vidcon did?

But the site looks great

I'll give it a go... was going to do it anyway but doing it with others seems like a good plan... should be on unless I decide to use a separate channel.

Edit: or maybe /ChrisDolmanVlog which I made a few months ago for that specific purpose :p


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